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You've Missed It! - The Closing Date for Entries was Monday 31st July 2023 at 11pm

The 2023 National Entrepreneur Awards

Stand up and be proud of what you’ve achieved!

As entrepreneurs we're always focused on 'what's next'.

We're notoriously bad at recognising and celebrating what we've achieved and how far we've come.

The great work we do often goes unnoticed, which is why, ten years ago we created the National Entrepreneur Awards!

We’re on a mission to recognise and reward eight business owners and businesses that have achieved great things over this last year and shine a spotlight on the amazing things entrepreneurs all over the UK are doing to build their own businesses, put something back into their local communities and give the country's economy a much-needed shot in the arm.

There are EIGHT Awards this year and the winners will be announced on the evening of Monday 2nd October at the National Entrepreneurs Convention at the ICC, Birmingham.

This year, you can choose to enter a maximum of two awards.

You may select one award from Section One and/or one award from Section Two.

Why not put yourself forward for the recognition you deserve?

Opening date for entries is Saturday 1st July, and the closing date is Monday 31st July at 11pm.

Good luck!

LOCKED: Entries Are Now Closed

Which Award Will YOU Enter?

Section 1
(you can enter ONE of these awards)

Best Marketing Campaign

This award recognises business owners who have demonstrated creativity and flair in a specific marketing campaign that has generated great results.

We're looking for the best marketing campaign in the last 12 months and will take many different aspects into consideration when judging. Your ideas, creativity, execution, and most importantly, results, are what matters here. It could be a digital campaign or something more traditional but if you've hit a home-run then tell us the story...

The Getting S*** Done Award
for Implementor of the Year

This award recognises significant progress.

You won't necessarily have had the most impressive growth in terms of turnover or profit, BUT you are taking action and moving in the right direction.

We are looking for the person who loves to learn and most importantly, IMPLEMENT.

You might have introduced new and exciting marketing pillars or campaigns, made your processes and systems more robust/streamlined and be on the hunt for ways in which you can continue to grow and develop both yourself and the business.

Best Business Enabler

This award is for businesses that support other businesses.

The winner will be an individual or firm who is committed to actively helping other businesses grow, while constantly improving themselves.

Successful Award entries will likely include multiple stories from customers setting out how the winning 'enabler' has helped them to succeed.

This is your chance to emerge from the shadows and get the recognition you deserve and just think how much winning this award will help you with your marketing and positioning!

Most Impressive Growth

It could be percentages rather than pounds but we're on the lookout for businesses that have achieved major growth over the past 12 months.

If your business has rocketed to a new level, smashed targets and made astounding progress, then this is your chance to get some serious recognition.

Best Customer Service

If you deliver brilliantly to your customers, then this award is for you.

Tell us about your astonishing customer service, how you systemise what you do so nothing falls through the cracks, and the ways in which you show true love (and WOW!) to your customers...

Most Inspiring Business Person of the Year

*This used to be called the 'Back from the Brink Award'

We're looking for the most inspirational story of an entrepreneur who has emerged from bad times to find success.

We know that entrepreneurs are not normal, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than when times are tough and we refuse to give in. If you've hit the bottom and bounced back in style, then you MUST share your story.

Section 2
(you can enter ONE of these awards as well or instead of awards in Section 1)

Best Family Business of the Year

Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and the bedrock of communities. Two thirds of UK businesses are family owned and they generate over a quarter of UK GDP.

Whether you're the sixth generation of your family to take the reins or have set up a venture with a family member, we want to hear your story and what you've achieved.

*At least 2 people from the same family must work in the business and you must state who they are in your entry.

The Entrepreneur of the Year

We're on the hunt for an entrepreneur who has achieved great results over the year, who can inspire us all and can prove why they should take home this prestigious award.

The winner will be judged on all aspects of their business – the judges want to know ALL the details!

LOCKED: Entries Are Now Closed

You've Missed It! - The Closing Date for Entries was Monday 31st July 2023 at 11pm

Top Tips for a Successful Award Entry:

To maximise your chances of being named a finalist and winning an award, follow these top tips;

  • Our judges LOVE numbers, facts, figures and examples.
  • They also love stories that add value to fellow entrepreneurs and business owners too.
  • Keep your entry brief! Impress the judges as quickly and concisely as you can.
  • Don't undersell yourself! This is your chance to properly show off and brag about what you've achieved - so don't hold back!

When will the winners be announced?

Our judges will review all the entries and Nigel will announce the finalists on Friday 1st September 2023.

The National Entrepreneur Awards are presented at the National Entrepreneurs Convention which is on the 2nd and 3rd October 2023.

To get your ticket to the Convention (or add additional guests) go to: NationalEntrepreneursConvention.co.uk